Do Bed Bugs Covers Work?

Bed bug covers are a useful way to keep your bedbug infestation to a minimum. The best type of bed bug cover is a fully enclosed one with zippers. This kind of mattress cover is the best option because it completely blocks out the bugs’ access. This type of mattress cover is more effective than a standard fitted sheet mattress protector because it doesn’t have open sides, which can allow the bugs to enter.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that a bed bug cover doesn’t kill the bugs when they come into contact with it. This is because the bed bugs need a long exposure to the residues on the cover before they die. Moreover, most of the covers only cover the top layer of the bed, leaving the underside and sides exposed.

Mattress covers are usually made of cotton, polyester, or vinyl. Cotton is the most breathable and softest material. Vinyl covers don’t breathe well and can tear easily. Cotton covers are also less noisy. However, there are polyester covers that feel just as good. So, it’s important to choose the right one based on your budget and preferences.

Bed bug covers are designed to prevent bed bugs from escaping, and they’re the perfect choice for people with a bed bug infestation. This is because bed bugs are unable to escape a mattress encasement and they won’t be able to feed on your bed. This is a huge relief because bugs can live in your bed for several months without a meal. Nevertheless, you should not forget that a mattress encasement must be kept in place for at least six months to completely eliminate the infestation.

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