Do Bed Bugs Give You Headaches?

If you’ve ever encountered bedbugs, you know how frustrating and stressful they can be. There are many myths surrounding bedbugs, but separating fact from fiction can help you deal with a bedbug infestation. Here are some common myths and their debunking. Bedbugs are very small, but they’re notorious for giving you headaches!

Bedbugs prefer to live in mattresses and feed during the night. The heat and carbon dioxide they produce when you sleep attract them. However, they will also feed during the day if they find a safe environment. In order to tell if bedbugs are causing your headache, you should check out the bites on your body. Even if you haven’t noticed any bites, you should seek medical attention if you experience a fever or a rash.

In some cases, bedbugs can cause a severe allergic reaction. People suffering from allergies or asthma have reported having severe headaches. However, some people don’t experience any symptom. It can also cause mental and physical health effects to people living in infested homes. The stress from the infestation can lead to depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. This is why the CDC, the USDA, and other organizations have compiled a document that lists the public health hazards caused by bedbugs.

Many hotels have begun preventing bedbug infestations by implementing policies to protect guests from infestations. They now leave linen carts out during room cleaning, and schedule periodic pest inspections.

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