Pest Control District Of Columbia

Are you looking for an effective way to eliminate pests in your home or office? If so, consider hiring an experienced pest control service in District Of Columbia. American Pest has been servicing the Washington, DC area for more than 90 years, and their proven solutions for ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and termites are effective and environmentally friendly. They offer 24-hour emergency services and local communications to help you get rid of pests quickly and efficiently.

Rats and mice are some of the most common pests in the District. These pests can be controlled with one-time treatments, or with a preventative treatment plan. The DC Department of Health has issued recent warnings regarding rat populations and has been monitoring activity closely. Because most restaurants in the city are vacant and rats can be incredibly aggressive, pest control services are necessary to keep these creatures out. In addition to causing you and your family anxiety, mice are also a major health hazard and can carry disease.

Cockroaches and silverfish are also common problems in the District of Columbia, and can quickly infest bedrooms and other areas of the home. While most species of ants are harmless, some are harmful and can cause structural damage. Bedbug bites can cause itching and can interfere with your sleep, making professional pest control a must. Even if you’ve never had bed bugs before, they can cause a significant amount of anxiety. You may be able to treat bedbug infestations on your own, but professional assistance is recommended to prevent further infestations and protect your home from damage.

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