Do I Need to Wash All My Clothes?

If you’re worried about bed bugs, you’ll need to wash your clothes. However, if you don’t want to spend the time to wash all your clothes, you can try drying them instead. This will kill off any eggs that the bedbugs may have laid. You should also check your wardrobe and any folding tables for bedbugs. Once you’re sure that everything is clean, you can put it into air tight storage containers.

Washing clothes with normal detergent will help you get rid of bedbugs. It’s also important to follow washing instructions. If your clothes are colorfast, you can spray them with rubbing alcohol to kill them. If they’re not colorfast, you can try steaming them in the dryer. Be sure to steam every inch of the clothing! You can also use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to pick up dead bugs. Make sure to empty the bag outside the trash can if there are any.

During a heat treatment, bedbugs can be killed in clothes by exposing them to a temperature of 140 degrees for 30 to 90 minutes. This temperature kills bedbugs on the clothes, as well as their eggs. In addition to washing clothes, you can also use a heat-sealing bag to prevent the bugs from escaping.

After identifying the clothing items that have bed bugs, you should bag them accordingly. It’s also important to label the bags with the color and wash temperature. Once you’ve done this, you can seal the bags with string or tape. It’s also important to ensure that the bags completely seal, as bed bugs can squeeze through even the smallest gaps.

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