Where Do Bed Bugs Naturally Come From?

The most common location where bedbugs can be found is in upholstered furniture. You can check for bedbugs in the folds, seams, and ruffles. Sofas and recliners are major hotspots for these pests. You should throw these items away or cover them with plastic wrap to prevent further infestation.

Bedbugs were once virtually extinct in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s thanks to widespread use of the pesticide DDT. However, they were never completely eradicated and are still a persistent source of nuisance. In recent years, their population has made a dramatic comeback. The bedbug outbreak during the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics was just the beginning of their resurgence. Increasing travel and a stronger resistance to pesticides have been linked to this resurgence.

Bedbugs can come into your home in a variety of ways, including furniture, luggage, and clothing. They are also notorious for causing problems in daycares and hotels. These creatures can live anywhere and can contaminate any area they can find. They like warm and dark places where they can feed and breed. They can also live in electrical switch plates, picture frames, and wallpaper.

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