Do Bed Bugs and Mattress Covers Work?

Whether you have a brand new mattress or an old one, bedbugs can be a real pain to deal with. The worst part is that they can be very hard to eradicate once inside the mattress. However, there are several ways to combat this problem. First, you should consider using a mattress cover. These protective covers are designed to keep bedbugs out of your bed. This can help you sleep more comfortably and prevent further infestations.

A quality mattress cover will feature a zipper. This will prevent bedbugs from crawling through the zipper. In addition, quality covers will have reinforced seams to prevent bedbugs from burrowing inside the cover. Finally, zippers should be strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of frequent washings.

There are three main types of mattress covers: cotton, polyester, and vinyl. Cotton is the best choice, according to experts, because it is breathable and is the most comfortable. Vinyl covers do not breathe, are less comfortable to sleep on, and are prone to rips. However, polyester covers can be just as soft and comfortable as cotton covers.

Bedbugs are most likely to live inside of box springs, so you should avoid sleeping on those with these encasements. A mattress cover can protect you from these pests while keeping your mattress clean and free of allergens. A mattress cover is also helpful for extending the life of your mattress and box spring.

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