How Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Bedbugs bite by injecting a tiny amount of their saliva into their hosts’ skin. As a result, the person may become irritated or even develop an allergic reaction. Bedbugs tend to bite in rows, alternating between areas of the skin, and then will interrupt their feeding to return half an inch away to take their next bite.

If you suspect that you have a bedbug infestation, you should wash your bedding and clothes thoroughly in hot water. The insects will then be killed by the water. However, if you suspect you have bedbugs, it is best to contact a pest management professional. He or she can offer you effective pest control solutions.

Bedbugs are most active at night, feeding on the carbon dioxide and body heat of people in bed. They do not usually move to rooms where there are no sleeping people, but they can survive by feeding on other animals, like rats and mice. The bugs typically feed between midnight and dawn, but they can also feed any time of the day. Some people do have an allergic reaction to bedbug bites, but this is rare. Those who are allergic to bedbug bites should seek medical treatment.

Bedbug bites look like small red marks that resemble fleas or mosquito bites. While some people do not experience any noticeable effects, others develop itchy, swollen welts that take weeks to heal. The marks can also vary in shape and size, and they can be a sign of a bedbug infestation.

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