Why Do Bed Bugs Keep Biting Me?

If you find bed bugs in your bed, the first thing to do is to identify their preferred habitat. The reason why bed bugs are attracted to human and pet blood is because their breath contains carbon dioxide, which attracts them. They can be prevented from entering your bed by keeping the room well-lit throughout the night. They prefer to bite the exposed parts of the body and are less likely to bite the head.

Generally, bed bugs will only bite a person once a night, but you may find that they bite you more than once a night. This happens if you have a large infestation, but if you have a small infestation, you may not notice new bites every night.

If you are a frequent traveler, you should purchase a device that heats suitcases and other things to prevent bedbugs from hiding in them. Also, you should always check used clothes carefully, especially those from hotels. If you are using hotel laundry, it is best to place it on a dresser or table. This will reduce the risk of infecting yourself and others.

If you are seeing red bumps and you have the evidence of bedbugs, you can contact a professional exterminator to get rid of the infestation. You should also check for signs of their existence, such as their presence, eggs, or droppings. These tiny insects can hide in cracks in your walls and furniture. They can also get into electrical outlets or clock radios. Even professional exterminators and sniffing dogs cannot always detect bed bugs. Never assume that a single person has these bugs.

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