Pest Control Guam

The DPHSS has contracted with a contracted vendor for insecticide application at schools on Guam. Spraying began Sunday and was completed today. School operations at AIJMS and OCPES will resume on Tuesday. Residents whose homes are within 200 meters of a confirmed infestation are encouraged to have their homes sprayed as well. Outreach efforts will continue throughout the week. Pesticides used on Guam are approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency and are labeled “EPA-established” or “registered.”

Top End Pest Control Guam, LLC was founded by retired U.S. Navy fire controlman, Ken Williams. Williams started the company with a $50,000 investment and has grown it rapidly by maintaining high quality standards and exceptional customer service. Top End Pest Control Guam charges about $100 for general pest treatment. It also offers affordable pricing with an average rate of 25 percent customer satisfaction. A top-rated company must be registered with the U.S. General Services Administration to ensure quality service.

The IPM Center also conducts interactive displays for youth, farmers, and homeowners. Participants learned how to use a stereo-microscope, and an IPM coordinator and diagnostician answered questions about plant nutrition deficiencies and disease control. At each event, Cooperative Extension Services distributed Cooperative Extension Service publications. One of the highlights of the program is a poster display of the declining ironwood tree on Guam. The displays are informative and entertaining.

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