Can You Get Bed Bugs From Bus Seats?

The question of “Can you get bedbugs on bus seats?” has become an internet sensation after a video of a woman’s infestation went viral. Crystal Lopez was on a bus when she discovered her seat was covered with the tiny parasitic creatures. The bites caused an allergic reaction in her skin, which started as raised welts and then exploded into a rash. Bedbugs are like tiny hitchhiking vampires that can live in any crack and crevice.

The issue of bedbugs on public transportation is a growing concern for airlines and city transit officials. The problem first came to light when a woman on a bus posted a video of her experience on Facebook. The video shows a seat cushion covered in bedbugs. The bus driver contacted SEPTA, and the bus was immediately cleared of passengers.

While most public transport companies are proactive about preventing bed bug infestations, this doesn’t mean that they can’t have a bed bug problem. In addition to training staff to recognize bed bug signs, many companies contract a pest control company to conduct regular treatments to prevent infestations. Nonetheless, it’s always good to be cautious and stay vigilant.

If you take public transportation, make sure to inspect your car and garage before you get on. In particular, make sure to inspect your car and garage for any signs of bed bugs. If you’re on a regular schedule, invest in a ZappBug Oven 2 to keep your belongings clean.

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