At What Temperatures Do Bed Bugs Die?

Scientists have studied how bed bugs respond to various temperature variables. They have found that bed bug mortality thresholds are triggered by temperatures of 110.3 degrees Fahrenheit for adult bugs and 117.5 degrees Fahrenheit for eggs. These thresholds may not be entirely accurate, because bed bugs can respond in a way that prevents them from dying. For instance, one study found that heat treatment of eggs can result in 50% mortality. A higher temperature is required to achieve the best results, and a whole-room heat treatment may not be effective.

Heat is one of the biggest issues when it comes to removing bedbugs from your home. Heating a room at a comfortable temperature will kill bedbugs in the short-term, but a high temperature outside is even more effective. Outside, temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius will kill bedbugs, but the effect won’t be as effective. In the long-run, this means the heat without a host will completely kill them.

In winter, people often drag their infested items outside. However, the cold temperature can cause bed bugs to hibernate. They then reactivate once they are back inside the warm house. It’s important to remember that Columbus only has two subzero days per winter season.

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