How Do Small Bed Bugs Look Like?

Small bedbugs can be difficult to spot because they have a translucent skin. If you find them on your bed, you may notice a small black spot. If you have a large infestation, you will also notice the rusty spots left by the excrement of the bugs. The first place to look is along the seam of your mattress. In addition, look for brown or red spots on your bedding, which are the remains of the insects’ feces.

Bedbugs are oval-shaped and brownish, with a thin thorax. They feed on carbon dioxide in the air and crawl around the bed, searching for a source of carbon dioxide to feed on. Once they find a source of carbon dioxide, they bite. Their body is about one-eighth of an inch long. They can be found near the seam of the mattress and behind the headboard.

Small bedbugs are almost undetectable when they are still in the egg stage. Adult bedbugs can be as small as 3/16 of an inch long. The larvae are a different color, and they are just as bloodthirsty as the adults. The nymphs are smaller, with bodies that are oval and flat. Their larval stage lasts six months before the bugs reach adulthood.

Adult bedbugs are similar to baby cockroaches, with six legs and a light rust-reddish brown colour. They have 2 antennae and an oval body. The legs of the bedbugs are about half their body length.

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