How Easy is it to Get Bed Bugs From Someone’s House?

Some people are concerned that bedbugs are contagious, but the reality is much different. This is because bedbugs can spread through clothing and household items and can easily travel up to 8 feet from the bed that hosts them. These bugs can hide in the joints of drawers and mattresses and can even live on picture frames and baseboards. If you’re considering buying used furniture, you should be extremely cautious to avoid being infested.

If you visit a home that has bedbugs, it’s important to wash your clothing and bed in hot water. If you haven’t been able to do this, you should consider hiring a professional exterminator. In addition, you shouldn’t invite anyone into your home unless you have a good reason. Bed bugs can be easily transferred to your clothing and bags, so it’s important to wash them thoroughly.

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of. You can use anti-itch ointments to relieve the itching sensation, but these methods are only temporary. It’s better to hire a professional exterminator and have the entire home treated by a licensed professional.

If you’re visiting a friend’s house, the best way to avoid getting bed bugs is to wear clothes with fewer folds and pockets. You should also bring a clean change of clothes with you. You should also bring along a large plastic garbage bag. After a visit, take off your old clothes and place them in the bag, and make sure that you wash them at a high heat setting.

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