What Do Bed Bugs Look Like to the Human Eye?

Bedbugs are hard to spot, but fortunately, their colours are fairly similar. Typically, they’re brown or red, and are about the size of an apple seed. They’re oval in shape, about the thickness of a piece of cardboard, and are about four to seven millimetres in length. However, their pheromones can sometimes be difficult to spot, making identification difficult.

Bedbugs start out as nymphs, tiny bugs about the size of a sesame seed. These insects molt five times before reaching adulthood. When they feed, their bodies change colour, turning bright red. The size of bedbugs depends on their age and feeding status, so it’s important to know the size of your potential invaders.

Adult bedbugs look like small cockroaches. They measure about 5mm in length and are reddish brown. They have two antennae and six legs about half the length of their body. They tend to congregate near people. They can be hard to detect, but if you look closely, you’ll notice them and be able to identify them. If you have noticed any of these bugs, do not panic. Instead, learn the signs and symptoms of these blood-sucking insects.

When you discover a bedbug infestation, the next step is to look for eggs. Bed bug eggs are pale, oval-shaped and approximately one-eighth of an inch. Their appearance is hard to detect with the naked eye, so you’ll need to use a flashlight or a magnifying glass. Eggs adhere to surfaces, which makes it difficult to vacuum them. Luckily, there are ways to remove bed bug eggs.

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