How Do Bed Bugs Start?

Bedbugs are tiny brown insects that live in the bed and furniture. They can hide in many places and are attracted to warm spots. They produce pheromones, which are repelled by certain bugs. These bugs feed on blood and shed skin encasements. They can be detected by their blood spots on the bed and walls.

Bedbugs are a problem in public institutions because they are easily transported through personal items. People who travel often can bring them home. Often, bedbugs are found in used furniture, so even if you don’t buy a new bed, you can get infested. These bugs will find hiding places in the night and feed.

Bedbugs are small and oval-shaped insects that feed on the blood of humans. They grow larger in size and reddish in color as they consume human blood. They move quickly on floor surfaces and lay eggs that are smaller than a speck of dust. Once they have acquired enough blood, they will begin feeding again.

Bedbugs can enter your home through used furniture, suitcases, and clothing. These pests can even infest daycares and other places where children play. Bedbugs have a very high success rate of reproduction and all you need is one male and one female to overrun your house.

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