Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Kill?

If you’ve ever tried to kill bedbugs using a commercial pesticide, you know that they are difficult to eradicate. Their small size and ability to squeeze into cracks and crevices make them difficult to find. Even if you’ve tried several different types of products, you still might not have gotten rid of all the bugs in your home. Regardless of your methods, you’ll still need to kill any bedbugs that are still alive.

Bedbugs multiply very quickly. In fact, a female bedbug can lay as many as 500 eggs in six months. This means that an infestation can double in size every 16 days. Also, bedbugs are very difficult to detect, as they can live for months without feeding. Because of their high survival rate, if you leave a bed with an infestation, you may not even realize it.

Although bedbugs are very difficult to kill, they can be treated effectively. The key to eliminating an infestation is to regularly inspect the home and to re-treat areas as needed. One missed spot can make the entire treatment ineffective. A good pest control professional will be able to treat your mattress and other belongings to eradicate the bugs.

Chemical pesticides can be effective in killing bedbugs, but they must be applied directly to their hiding places. In most cases, these chemicals need to be applied multiple times over several weeks. This is difficult because bedbugs hide in small cracks and crevices.

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