Does Raid Kill Bed Bugs on Contact?

The label on a product labeling itself as “Raid kills bed bugs on contact” should be carefully read. It must state the pesticide’s intended use, qualifications and exceptions. Insecticides that claim to kill bed bugs may cause minor skin irritation and should be avoided in the presence of small animals and babies. It is also essential to wear a mask when spraying Raid. If you experience long-lasting or severe reactions, contact your doctor or dial 911 immediately.

Before applying the spray, you should first remove all the insects in the area, then wash any surfaces where the product is sprayed. Afterwards, you should thoroughly clean the room and remove any traces of the product that was on the mattress. The product is most effective when used correctly.

While some people experience relief after using Raid, others have not experienced such results. In some cases, they may even have to move out of the building, allowing the infestation to spread. In other cases, the building may have been condemned or burned down. Neither of these options is ideal, but they are an alternative to destroying the building. Raid is an effective solution to the bed bug problem, but it does not guarantee complete elimination.

The active ingredients in Raid Max bed bug spray kill bed bugs on contact and in their eggs. The product dries clear, so it won’t stain water-safe fabrics. It will also protect laminated wood surfaces for up to eight weeks.

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