Why Do Bed Bugs Smell?

The smell of bed bugs is caused by a chemical called pheromones, which the bugs secrete when they are in danger. The odor can be sweet or acidic, and is similar to the smell of cilantro or raspberries. While bed bugs don’t actively secrete pheromones, their presence in the home can cause them to produce alarm pheromones.

These chemicals are released by bed bugs when they are communicating with one another, and they also leave trails of scent that lead them to a food source. Besides leaving a scent trail, bed bugs also exude odors in their excretions. These excretions are made of tiny, black pellets, which they leave behind.

The scent of bed bugs can be removed by washing bed linens at high washing temperatures with strong-smelling detergents. You can also consider using natural alternatives to these products. There are a variety of natural deodorants available, such as lemongrass or lavender. However, it is important to note that the smell may not be completely gone once the infestation is established.

In addition to the odor, bed bugs also release pheromones when they are threatened. The odor of these chemicals is similar to that of moldy clothes, rotting raspberries, and coriander. Some people have even compared the smell of these pests to that of a bag of coriander.

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