Can You Have Bed Bugs Without Knowing It?

Usually bedbugs only bite at night, but some individuals can be bitten by them for weeks or months without being aware that they have bed bugs. If you’re not aware of having bedbugs, check your bed frequently for their bites. They often feed on exposed skin such as arms, shoulders, and ankles.

In an NIH research profile, researcher Jose Ribeiro suggested that a surprising number of people may have bedbugs without knowing it. This is due to the fact that bedbugs feed off the CO2 that humans exhale. Fortunately, bedbugs are less common in public places, although they can still cause bites.

Bedbugs can hide in wooden furniture and in screw holes. If you suspect your bed has bedbugs, remove the mattress and bed sheets to check for signs of infestation. Also, take off any pillows or upholstered furniture, and lift the cushion covers. Look for tiny, dark spots on your pillows and sheets. You can also look in the baseboards and torn wallpaper.

One of the most common signs of bedbug infestation is the presence of blood stains. These stains may be from the blood of a bedbug that has recently fed. Moreover, you might notice the presence of exoskeletons, which are the bugs’ molted skin. Besides, abandoned shell casings are another reliable early sign.

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