What Can I Wear to Reprevent Bed Bugs?

If you want to keep bedbugs away, one way is to apply essential oils on your skin. Peppermint oil, lavender, and tea tree oil are effective against the pests. These oils are natural and have anti-inflammatory properties. They will deter the bugs from biting you and prevent them from multiplying. However, you must be careful to use essential oils correctly. Pure essential oils can cause skin irritation, so it is best to dilute them with water.

Another good way to avoid bed bugs is to wear heat-treated clothing. This will help you repel them, but only if you use it properly. It’s best to wear this clothing before you leave your home. Washing your clothes regularly is also an effective way to prevent bedbugs. Make sure to wash them thoroughly, use a steamer, and dry them properly before storing them.

Another good way to keep bed bugs at bay is to use plastic bags. These bags are great for keeping bedbugs at bay, but you should be careful when using them to protect your clothes. If possible, put the bags somewhere that bed bugs can’t get to. Before you use plastic bags, sort your clothing thoroughly and make sure to check for holes or tears in it.

Another way to repel bedbugs is to wear clothes that are treated with permethrin. Permethrin based clothes are the most effective repellents for bedbugs. Permethrin based clothes can be purchased commercially. Be aware though that such clothing is not always the most comfortable for sleeping.

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