How Hard Is It To Find Bed Bugs?

You may be asking yourself, “How hard is it to find bed bugs?” The truth is that bedbugs are often difficult to see, especially during the early stages of infestation. They can be hidden in upholstered furniture, corners, and even wall voids. Fortunately, most bad infestations can be caught on video.

Bedbugs lay their eggs in crevices. These can be difficult to spot, as they are so small. Another way to determine if you have bedbugs in your house is by looking for shell casings, which the bugs produce. These shells are made of a translucent, yellowish material. They are a sign that the insects are hiding in your home, and can also indicate that they are feeding.

Bedbugs are usually white, but they can also be brown or tan. If you find one, you can also look for a dark red blob on its body after it feeds. These insects feed on warm-blooded animals, including humans and pets. They take about five minutes per meal to engorge with blood. Once fed, the bugs move to a dark location and rest for a few days or weeks. Once mature, female bedbugs lay between one and three eggs per day. They can lay as many as 200 eggs in their lifetime.

Bedbugs usually feed during the night. They may not leave any visible signs of their presence on your body, but their bites can cause an allergic reaction. Bedbugs have oval-shaped bodies, six legs, and segmented antennae. They are easily confused with cockroach nymphs and carpet beetles.

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