How to Remove Bedbugs From Hanging Clothes

The first step in removing bedbugs from hanging clothes is to wash them thoroughly. You can either wash them by hand or use a washing machine. Once you’ve washed the clothes, you can dry them in the dryer, as this will ensure that they don’t contain any more bedbugs. If you don’t want to wash the hanging clothes, you can leave them in the closet until you’ve washed all of the clothes in the closet.

Before you start washing, sort your clothes by category. Separate shirts, pants, and other items into separate plastic bags. This will keep the bedbugs from spreading and can even kill their eggs. Make sure you read all of the labels on your clothes and find out what temperatures are safest for washing them.

Another way to kill bedbugs is to steam the clothes. Steaming both the inside and the outside of the clothes will kill most of them. A garment steamer has multiple settings, including a “high” setting. Make sure to use the highest setting to ensure that the clothes are at their highest steam temperature.

After washing the clothes, make sure to dry them as hot as possible. This will kill bedbug eggs and adult bugs. Store the clothes properly and don’t leave them lying around.

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