Do Bed Bugs Change Shape?

Bed bugs are flat insects that hide in soft furnishings and cracks in walls. The more clutter in the room, the more hiding places they have and the more difficult it is to get rid of them. Although they prefer bed frames and mattresses, they can also hide in chairs, curtains, and carpets. In severe infestations, they may even find their way into electrical outlets, cracks, and wallpaper.

While bedbugs don’t change shape, they do get darker as they get older. The reason for this is that bedbugs build up stronger skin from the blood they feed on. Their activity levels are highest during the hours of dawn and 2 a.m. Some people may assume that bedbugs are black or blackish-white, but they are actually brown or tan.

In addition to bedbug infestations in homes, bedbug infestations in offices are a real concern. The insects may have been introduced to the office from a person’s home. In this case, it is important to take steps to prevent the problem from spreading. For example, the employer should coordinate an inspection with a pest control company and encourage employees to take care of their home.

Adult female bedbugs lay eggs in secluded places. They may deposit one or two eggs a day. Typically, they will lay hundreds of eggs in their lifetime. The eggs are tiny dust specks that are white and sticky. They will hatch in about a week at room temperature. The newly emerged nymphs are approximately the size of a pinhead. They shed their skin at least five times before they reach maturity.

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