What Can You Put on Bed Bug Bites?

If you have bedbug bites, you’ll want to treat them right away. The bite marks typically heal within one to two weeks. However, there is a good chance that the bedbugs will continue to attempt bites for a week or more. The resulting sore will depend on the individual characteristics of the bedbug and the location and size of the bite. Other factors that influence the sore’s appearance are a compromised skin surface and the bedbugs’ feeding schedule.

Aloe vera gel is a good topical treatment for bedbug bites. It contains anti-fungal and antibiotic properties that will help prevent secondary skin infections. Witch hazel and lemon juice can also be applied to the affected area to provide additional relief. Another effective treatment is a baking soda paste. This paste is applied to the bites and left on for several hours, and then removed with warm water. You can also try toothpaste.

Whether you are a victim of bedbugs or fleas, it is important to treat the infestation as soon as possible. Bedbugs will bite anywhere they can find exposed skin, so pay attention to exposed areas of your body like the arms and legs. You can also check your home for signs of bedbugs.

Bedbug bites are painful and can be irritating. It is best to wash the affected area daily to prevent infection and heal the skin. Avoid scratching and itching because these actions may introduce bacteria into the skin.

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