Where Do Bed Bugs Come From Outside?

Bedbugs are most commonly found inside a home, but you can find them outside as well. They can live in areas with high human activity. Camping sites, abandoned furniture, homeless encampments, and even public transportation can harbor them. They can also enter planes, cabs, and trains.

Infested items should be treated immediately to avoid reinfestation. Look for signs of infestation, including red or black spots and blisters. You should also investigate your furniture and bed linens. Bedbugs may be attracted to patio furniture, so it’s important to treat these items immediately.

Bedbugs do not survive in cold temperatures, so if you notice a problem outside, they are most likely to flee from the treatment and find another way to enter your home. However, they can survive in warm temperatures and can even survive for months without feeding on humans. If you notice a problem in your home, call a pest control service. These professionals will provide professional bed bug control.

Bedbugs are small, oval-shaped creatures with six legs and two pairs of tiny antennae. The adult bed bug can reach a length of about four to five millimeters. In contrast, their newborn nymphs are as small as a pinhead. While bedbugs may be hard to spot, you can find them in unused furniture and luggage.

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