How Fast Do Bed Bugs Reproduce?

Bed bugs do not reproduce as fast as house flies, but they do reproduce rapidly. Female bed bugs lay one to five eggs per day and can lay as many as 250 eggs during their lifetime. The eggs hatch within ten days and go through five different stages of development before reaching adulthood. The bed bug larva must feed at least once a day in order to reach maturity. It may take up to six weeks for a female bed bug to lay 50 eggs.

After one to two months, the bed bug population can grow to ten breeding adults. There can also be two to five hundred egg-laying larvae. By month three, the population can reach 100 breeding adults and 500 eggs. Once the population reaches this number, it will migrate to different rooms of the house. Within six months, the population may be in every room of the home. Once this happens, it is time to start taking steps to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

Adult bedbugs are small brown insects that measure about one-quarter inch in length. Their body is oval-shaped and slightly flat. They feed every five to 10 days and do not like sunlight. Once they have grown sufficiently, they will return to their hiding place. The average life span of bedbugs is seven to ten days, but they can go up to 70 days without feeding.

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