Do I Need a New Mattress If I Have Bed Bugs?

The first step in treating your mattress for bed bugs is to remove the affected bedding. You can try to get rid of the infestation by vacuuming or washing the bedding in high temperatures. If you are unable to get rid of the bugs, you can hire a professional bed bug exterminator to help. In addition, they will recommend getting a new bed, mattress, and bedroom furniture.

It is important to dispose of the bed thoroughly. Whether you dispose of it yourself or hire a professional, you should be careful not to spread the infestation. If the bed has been infested with bed bugs, you should move it immediately out of the bedroom. Most people will take their bed to the garage or storage shed to prevent the problem from spreading. But this can be a huge chore.

It can take weeks to completely remove bed bugs from a mattress. Moreover, you risk spreading the bugs throughout your house if you try to clean the infested mattress yourself. Therefore, you should consider getting a new mattress if you have found evidence of the bugs.

Major retailers typically pick up used and old mattresses from homes. These companies often issue warranty and customer satisfaction guarantees for the items they sell. However, some of them remove the mattresses after a short period of use. In these situations, bed bugs can easily wind up on a mattress that has been used just a few times. Moreover, these items may be stored in a warehouse or shipping truck along with new products.

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