Do I Need to See a Doctor For Bed Bugs?

You may be wondering whether you need to see a doctor for bedbug bites. While bedbug bites may look similar to other insect bites, they can develop into an infection if you scratch them too hard. To ensure the right diagnosis, bring a timeline of the symptoms and note if you moved recently or purchased new furniture or bedding. You should also have photographs of any bites that seem suspicious. Although blood tests are not required for bedbug diagnosis, they may be helpful.

Bedbugs live in dark, dry places. They feed at night and are drawn to people’s body heat and carbon dioxide. This makes hotels and dorms prime candidates for infestation. Bedbugs are often transported on luggage or clothing. They also spread through used bedding and clothing.

Bedbug bites are uncomfortable and can cause significant stress and anxiety. It is important to see a doctor if you notice a rash that doesn’t seem to go away after a few days. In severe cases, you may even experience a reaction similar to an allergic reaction. A doctor can treat the rash and prescribe a prescription-strength steroid cream.

In addition to insecticides, you can try using insect repellents. These sprays contain DEET, which is effective against mosquitoes. While insect repellents are not completely effective, they do work in keeping bedbugs at bay. You should also avoid secondhand items that might be infested.

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