Why is Rat Poison Not Working?

Rat poison is filled with toxic chemicals and is not a safe way to get rid of mice or rats. Not only does it cause health risks to pets and young children, it can also leach into water tables and runoff into rivers and streams. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely inhumane since it causes the death of the rat or mouse slowly through decay.

One of the biggest signs that your rat poison isn’t working is that the rat is alive. Rats tend to be bigger than mice, and you might be able to see them more easily. However, these rodents tend to run quickly, so you may not be able to get a good look at them.

Rats also tend to scatter throughout the house, so the rat poison won’t kill all the rats. This means that some will live inside the poisoned area and leave its scent. This is a problem, especially if you have pets or other helpful wildlife in the area. In addition, poisoned rats can cause an unpleasant smell and cause a mess.

The EPA has recently issued new regulations that limit the toxic content of rat poison. While the new limits aim to reduce the risk to children and pets, they don’t address the threat to nontarget wildlife. As a result, the second-generation anticoagulants continue to spread up the food chain, killing natural predators of rodents.