What does a rat sound like?

What Does A Rat Sound Like?

What does a rat sound like? I know, it’s not something you think about often- but when you hear one rustling around in your walls or attic, it can be very scary. Fortunately for humans, there is no way to tell what a rat sounds like because they are completely silent most of the time.

When Do They Make the Sound?

What does a rat sound like? Rats don’t make any noise except squeaks and chirps. They do this by rubbing their teeth together which produces the high-pitched sound we hear. Rats will make these sounds when they are fighting, frightened or mating.

They also use this to communicate information about the area around them- like whether it’s safe and what kind of food is available. These sounds are very delicate and you can hear it from up to 100 feet away.

What are some of the Characteristics of Rats?

Rats are nocturnal animals that prefer dark, secluded areas. They are found in attics sometimes because they like to stay near where food is produced. Rats are also found in crawl spaces because they like to be high off the ground. Usually their nests can only be accessed from above.

How to Identify a Rat in Your Home

Keep an eye out for tracks, droppings, and chew marks. If you do see any of these things rats may have made their way into your home. If you do see rats while inspecting your home make sure not to touch them. They may look cute, but if startled or threatened they will bite.

What to Do

The best thing you can do is be prepared with the right tools before a rodent problem arises. You’ll want to contact your local pest control company and have them inspect your home for any possible entry points rats may get in through.

Rats can enter your home through a very small hole in the wall- it could be as big as an acorn! This is why keeping any food stored away or sealed in airtight containers will prevent rodents from getting into them and producing droppings which attract more rats to come by.

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