Do onions kill rats

Do Onions Kill Rats

Rodents can be such a nuisance at home or in the office. They chew on things, from files to clothes and food products in your pantry. Also, getting rid of them is quite a task. So, there have been attempts to find new solutions to eradicating rodents at home, from chemicals to food products. Onions are among the hot topics of discussion. So, do onions kill rats, or not?

How rats survive

Rats and mice are probably the most persistent mammals to exist on the planet. They will do anything to survive, whether staying in the dumpsters or eating their feces when the need arises.

So, when you put onions and their awful smell on the rat’s path, it is pretty hard to understand why any rat would eat it.

But let’s not jump to a conclusion first, and argue both points equally:

Effects of onions on rats

Onions are harmful to rats. When consumed, onions cause an anemic response. The onion drains the rodent’s cells and limits the amount of oxygen they need. Assuming the rat in your house takes the bait, and munches on some onions, which have to be in large quantities, then there is a chance that the mammal would suffocate.

Rats can only survive 30 minutes without oxygen. So, when the onion causes their blood to appear short, they have less oxygen traveling to their body parts. Therefore, they become week and less mobile. And if the results persist, then the rat dies in 12 hours or less.

Also, the rat experiences severe stomach pains followed by kidney failure, which results in thirst.

However, from what you know about onions and the fact that rats are very sensitive to smell, onions seem like the best way to repel them and not kill them. So, how do onions kill rats without chasing them away?

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How do you get the rats to eat onions?

Onions have a pungent smell which rats hate. Therefore, it is not plausible to chop up some onions and place them in the rat hole, waiting for the rat to consume it willingly. You need to be creative.

Some of the tricks you can use include

Rats love meat, and mixing some onion with fried ground meat eliminates the pungent smell. Cook the onions slightly, then add some beef stew. With a pinch of baby powder, you can kill rats instantly.

Don’t cook the onions thoroughly- Rats hate raw onions but can eat cooked onions. The harmful chemicals that cause anemic effects in them deteriorate with high temperatures. However, when not cooked properly, the onions become tasty for rats and dangerous at the same time.

Alternatively, you can use fresh onions to chase rats out of your home. Just chop some onions and throw them into the hole, or place it at the entrance.

It is important to take note of a few things

Rats don’t vomit. So, when they happen to eat the onions, it causes some severe damage.

Rats are intelligent. If you want to kill them using an onion, make it seem like it is not one.

Rats don’t like onions, and if they eat them, it means they were desperate. So, you can starve them until poorly cooked onions look appetizing for them.

Finally, only large quantities of onions call kill rats.

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