Pet friendly rat poison

Pet Friendly Rat Poison

Invasion of pests is the worst thing to deal with and rats are not exception. They prove to be a danger to the health of people living in the house and sometimes can even damage the property. While looking for ways to eliminate them, you also want to keep your other animals safe. This is why as you look for ways to destroy the rodents, you must ensure that the method will not have adverse effects on your other pets. So look for pet friendly rat poison.

Rodent poison tops the list in killing dogs, and the severity depends on the amount consumed. Consumption of poison meant for rats, however little the quantity can be, can have severe problems and possibly cause death to your pets. This is why it is important to find a toxin that is pet friendly to get rid of these pests in your home.

Types of rat poisons

There are two types of rodent toxins; one that anticoagulants. When this poison is taken in, it makes the pet bleed internally. The animals and even children who ingest this toxin also suffer the same results, and if they don’t get medical attention, they will die.

Other poison used to kill rodents is cholecalciferol, phosphide, and bromethalin made toxin. This toxin kills rodents within hours. However, the longer the rodent remains in the environment alive, the higher it spreads the bacteria, affecting other animals.

Pet friendly rat poison that won’t affect other pets

There are other safe ways of eliminating rodents including destroying their source of attraction, use non-toxic pet safe rodent traps, electronic mouse and rat traps, and the old traditional methods. Although they don’t include toxin use, these methods still serve the purpose of poison except that they are pet-friendly.


In conclusion, when you are looking for a method to eliminate rodents from your home, the best choice is eco-friendly. Ensure that the method you are applying will not affect your loved ones in any way. Non-toxic rodent traps have proven to be more effective and relaxing as well.

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