How to get rid of rats in the yard without harming pets

How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Yard Without Harming Pets

Taking care and proper maintenance of a yard can sometimes be an uphill task. A well-maintained yard requires activities like pruning, watering, applying fertilizer, and so on. Keeping off rodents such as rats is among the ways of maintaining a yard. Rats are not only pests but also a health hazard. They can damage crops and also bring with them diseases. This article looks into how to get rid of rats in the yard without harming pets.

The first step of getting rid of rats is knowing what attracts them to come. Rats come into the yard in search of food, water, or shelter. Food items such as unharvested fruits and vegetables, littered garbage attracts rats. Tooth marks on food items, rat droppings, and rat holes in the soil are clear indicators of the presence of rats, and the next thing you want to do is to get rid of them by using the methods discussed below.

A few tips on how to get rid of rats in the yard without harming pets

1. Use of a live animal trap

Using a live animal trap is one of the most effective ways of trapping rats. The live animal trap consists of a small cage. The rat is lured into the cage by bait. It steps on a pressure-sensitive plate that causes the cage’s door to close instantly, thus trapping the rat. The rodent is then relocated to a place that is far away for it not to come back.

2. Avoid littering the yard with waste

Waste food items lure rats into the yard as they look for something to eat. To avoid rats, dispose of waste food items properly. If rats lack food in the yard, they will not come.

3. Getting rid of accumulated water in the yard

Every living thing needs water to survive. Rats may come into the yard to quench thirst, and accumulated water serves as a solution to their desire. Avoiding accumulated water, therefore, prevents rats from getting into the yard.

4. Use of natural rat repellants

The use of onions and garlic could keep rats away. Studies have shown that rats dread the pungent smell of onions and garlic. Since rats do not like the smell, they will avoid it. You can make a solution of either garlic or onion by grinding them and mixing them with water. Spray the solution in the yard. The smell will repel rats, thus keeping them away from the yard.

5. Filling holes in the yard

Rats may come into the yard in search of shelter. The presence of holes in the yard could provide a suitable environment for the rats. To prevent this, fill the holes with soil or rocks to get rid of the rats because they will be forced to move away to look for shelter.


Getting rid of rats without harming pets is a common problem faced by pet owners. You can reclaim your yard from rats without putting your pets at risk by applying the discussed methods. Each of these methods is not only pet-friendly but also effective in getting rid of rats.

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