What Flies High in the Air?

High-flying birds, such as the stork, are examples of migratory animals. They move to different locations for mating or seasonal reasons. Some species of birds migrate thousands of miles. Today, scientists use technologies such as satellites and bird ringing to study the migration patterns of these species. High-flying birds use celestial cues to find their way to a new location.

Fly high in the air, in crossword puzzle parlance, means “in the sky”. This can mean many things. It may refer to money that’s “flown” or “fled” in baseball. It can also refer to a plate that was dropped or a driver who flew into rage.

In terms of density, air is less dense at high altitudes. It is therefore less difficult for an airplane to move through the air at high altitudes. The reason for this is that the lower the density of air, the more efficient the airplane is. Similarly, a single-engine jet can travel up to 45,000 feet above sea level.

Among the most impressively high-flying animals is the vulture. The vulture can sometimes rise over ten thousand feet, allowing it to scan a much larger area for prey. Other birds such as the Whooper Swan can fly as high as 29,000 feet. Birds are capable of flying at higher altitudes than mammals because their lungs can extract more oxygen from the air.

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