How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

get rid of fruit flies

One of the easiest ways to get rid of fruit flies is to use apple cider vinegar. Simply place a small amount in a jar or glass and cover it with plastic wrap. Secure the plastic wrap with a rubber band. You can also make a small hole in the plastic wrap with a toothpick. The fruit flies will be attracted to the vinegar and will be trapped.

TERRO Fruit Fly Trap

The TERRO Fruit Fly Trap is a great way to get rid of fruit flies. It attracts adult fruit flies with a food-based liquid lure and prevents them from escaping. This great fruit fly trap is very affordable and is an excellent alternative to making your own homemade fruit fly trap.

While fruit flies may seem harmless, they can contaminate fresh produce. In addition, fruit flies lay microscopic eggs on fruits. This means that you should wash your produce to avoid accidental contamination. The TERRO Fruit Fly Trap lures in the flies with a non-toxic liquid and can last up to 30 days.


If you are experiencing a fruit fly infestation, you may be wondering whether you can safely get rid of them without harming people or your food. The good news is that there is a safe, non-toxic solution that will get rid of fruit flies from your home without any danger to your health. Using Aunt Fannie’s Flypunch fruit fly trap is a great way to prevent this embarrassing and sometimes costly problem from happening in your home.

FlyPunch is a nontoxic spray that kills adult fruit flies, but doesn’t affect their eggs or larvae. The spray can be applied in the area where you’re cooking or preparing food, and it lasts for about two weeks. The spray should be replaced periodically, though.

TERRO Flypunch

TERRO Flypunch gets rid of the flies that swarm around fruit. This product comes in a spice jar-like container and contains a special liquid that attracts and drowns fruit flies. Unlike DIY pesticides, Flypunch contains non-toxic ingredients, making it safe to use in a household environment.

Fruit flies are common pests in many homes. They tend to breed in garbage cans and fermented foods, which makes them a common source of infestations. To keep fruit flies at bay, the first step is to remove their food sources. You can do this by using a fruit fly trap.

Homemade fly trap

Using a homemade fly trap for fruit flies is a great way to control flies without using poisonous chemicals. All you need are a few items found in your kitchen or pantry. Apple cider vinegar or diluted liquid dish soap works well as a natural pesticide, and plastic wrap with holes in it can serve as a trap.

One of the best traps for fruit flies is made of a custom-fitted lid and some plastic wrap. After a few hours, fruit flies will start piling up inside the trap. You can also trap fruit flies by pouring wine into an empty wine bottle and leaving it open. Fruit flies love fruit and wine in general, and a half-full bottle of wine will attract a fair number of fruit flies.

Identifying fruit flies

If you have fruit flies in your home, it is important to identify them so you can get rid of them. You can start a fruit fly prevention plan by identifying the types of fruit flies and ensuring that your produce is stored properly. You should also clean and inspect your trash cans to remove debris and avoid leaving any food behind. If fruit flies are persistent, you can contact a pest control company for help.

Fruit flies breed in decaying food, garbage cans, and recycling bins. They also breed in a poorly fitted window screen or door. Improperly fitted window screens can also attract adults.

Getting rid of fruit flies

One of the best ways to get rid of fruit flies is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. Fruit flies are attracted to fruits, so it’s important to wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly and to dispose of food and drinks in sealed bags or containers. In addition, it’s also a good idea to store all fruits in the refrigerator, especially during high fruit-fly season.

Another effective way to control fruit flies is to keep your garbage cans clean. Fruit flies breed in garbage cans that are contaminated with grease and other food particles. Take your garbage out more often and wash the bottom of your garbage disposal regularly. Also, wipe down counters and other surfaces to prevent fruit flies from breeding in them.

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