Where Does Cockroaches Come From?

Some scientists believe that cockroaches were first present on the earth 300 million years ago. This is when the earth’s dry land was dominated by the Pangaea supercontinent. However, due to the process of continental drift, Pangaea split into a number of continents. During this time, descendants of roaches that survived on one continent moved to another. These descendants quickly multiplied and spread to other continents.

Cockroaches may be introduced into a home in a variety of ways, including through shopping. It’s important to check your groceries before putting them in your pantries and cupboards to make sure there are no cockroaches. If you find any, it’s best to discard them.

Oriental cockroaches typically live in dark, moist places. They can be found in drains, basements, and under kitchen appliances. Oriental roaches are also found outdoors. They can live in sewers and drains, but they are most common indoors.

Cockroaches can travel through empty boxes, grocery bags, and gym bags. They are attracted to heat and moisture, and they can cause allergic reactions. In addition, cockroaches may carry diseases and trigger asthma and allergy attacks. Empty corrugated boxes are a favorite home of roaches.

If you suspect cockroaches are invading your home, the first step is to inspect your house for small holes and cracks. These pests can enter a home through a front door or back door, or they can also enter your home through a shared wall. In addition, cockroaches can also enter buildings through the walls, foundation, pipes, or siding.