How Long Do Cockroaches Live?

The life cycle of a cockroach varies, depending on species and temperature. Adult German cockroaches, for example, can live for around 100 days after their nymph stage has ended. During this time, the cockroach will produce an additional 150 insects. The life span of a cockroach is determined by factors including the presence of a food source, water, and proper temperature.

The life cycle of a cockroach begins in a nymph stage, which lasts for about a month. As the cockroach grows older, it will close its spiracles to conserve its water supply and protect itself from predators. Cockroaches require a warm climate and will die if the temperature is too high. However, they can survive a mild winter and will eventually move indoors.

Cockroaches reproduce by laying egg cases. A female German cockroach produces at least two egg cases during her lifetime, and each egg can contain between sixteen and fifty eggs. The incubation period of an egg case is between forty and seventy days. A single female German cockroach can produce up to 150 young throughout her life. The egg cases of the American cockroach are similar to those of the adult species but lack wings and are smaller than those of the Oriental species. After hatching, a female cockroach will change six to fourteen times before it becomes an adult.

Once the eggs hatch, cockroaches will live for about 28 days. After that, they will enter the nymph stage, which is smaller than the adult stage. They may also be lighter in color and move faster than their adult counterparts. Finally, they will mature and become a fully grown cockroach.