How Do Bed Bug Exterminators Work?

A bed bug exterminator comes to your home with everything necessary to get rid of infestations. They bring monitoring equipment, professional steam machines, and vacuums. First, they perform an inspection of your room to determine the extent of the infestation. Then, they apply a chemical treatment to kill bed bugs. The chemical treatment is not fast-acting and takes several visits, but it provides long-lasting residual effects.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that are flat and nearly white. They feed primarily at night and hide during the day. You can often detect infestations by noticing red and itchy bumps on your skin. Some people may even experience hives on the affected areas. Because bed bugs can move from one place to another, it is important to treat them right away.

Using a heat treatment is one way to get rid of bed bugs. However, it will not work as well as a pesticide treatment. While a heat treatment will kill the bugs on contact, it may not be enough to stop the bites. Another option is pesticide treatment, but this can take up to a week to work. This is because the bed bug eggs must hatch first before the pesticide has a chance to kill the bugs.

A professional bed bug exterminator will use thoroughly tested pesticides to rid your home of bed bugs. A vacuum is another option. It should have a powerful suction wand to remove the bugs and their eggs. You may have to vacuum your bed several times before the infestation is gone. It is also important that you buy a vacuum with disposable bags. Otherwise, you risk spreading the infestation to other rooms.

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