Can Someone Bring Bed Bugs to Your House?

The obvious question, “Can someone bring bed bugs to your house?” may cause people to be upset, but there are ways to prevent an infestation. By keeping a few key items out of the home, you can prevent an infestation from taking hold. If you do invite a friend over to stay, make sure to remove any bags or coats from the bed. You should also launder any bed linens.

Although bedbugs are not considered contagious, they can be easily brought into your house through clothing or other household items. Because they can fit into small spaces, they can move from room to room undetected. These tiny insects often cluster in bed frames and headboards, and they can spread to neighboring rooms.

If you suspect that someone has brought bedbugs into your home, make sure you remove all bedding and check it for signs of the pests. You can also check for the bugs by removing the dust covers from the box springs and inspecting seams. Also, check the area around your bed, books, and the edge of your carpet, as well as the electrical outlets in your house. If you find any signs of these bugs, call a pest control company to do a thorough inspection of your home.

If you visit a friend’s house or a relative’s home, make sure to wash all of your clothing in 140-degree-Fahrenheit and dry it in high heat. Make sure to clean out your home thoroughly, including the bedrooms and couches. Do not bring back items or stuffed toys, as these may harbor the bed bugs.

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