How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Getting Into Clothing

In order to prevent bedbugs from getting into your clothing, you need to wash your clothes properly. Before washing, sort your clothes by category and place them in separate plastic bags. This will keep bedbugs from moving from one pile to the next. Next, add regular detergent to the drum of the washing machine. You don’t need to use special detergent to remove bedbugs, but it is best to use the highest temperature possible for your wash cycle.

The best way to avoid bedbug bites is to avoid tight clothing, especially leggings. Since these items of clothing are held in place by elastic, bedbugs find it difficult to get underneath them. Then, if they can’t get underneath your clothing, they’ll turn away from you.

To prevent bedbug infestations, it is best to inspect your entire home thoroughly. If you discover signs of an infestation, do not transport any items until the problem has been eliminated. If you do notice any signs of bedbug infestation, sort your clothing before washing it. When it is dry, use plastic bags or other protective measures.

You can also check the inside seams of your clothing for signs of bedbugs. Look for sticky white eggs or shed skins. If you find any of these, be sure to alert the store manager so that they can treat the clothing.

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