What Can I Use to Kill Bed Bugs?

One of the easiest ways to kill bed bugs is to use steam. This treatment will kill any bugs that are present, but it will not affect your clothes or other personal items. Instead, it will kill the insects and help prevent them from returning. Before applying steam, it is important to wash your clothes.

If heat treatment is not possible, you can also use baking soda. Both of these solutions work by suffocating bed bugs. It’s important to let the mixture sit for a few days before vacuuming. Another option is using vinegar, an acidic liquid that disrupts the nervous system of bed bugs. You should be sure to use this method in conjunction with other methods to ensure maximum success.

Another option for killing bed bugs is to use essential oils. The oil of peppermint or lavender can help to repel the bugs. You can mix them with water to get a stronger scent. This method is less damaging than using rubbing alcohol. It’s also safer than using bleaching solutions.

Pyrethroid sprays are among the strongest and longest-lasting pesticides available. However, they’re not ideal for use in homes with small children. The product’s label should have precise directions for safe application and use. You must also avoid using the spray on electrical outlets and electrical systems.

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