What Are Bed Bug Stains?

If you’ve ever seen the dark ink stains on your bedding, you may be wondering what they are. They’re actually the droppings of bed bugs. Those small, squiggly insects vary in color from black to dark red, and they leave a dark stain behind when they’ve excreted. The stains look like ink, but they fade with time. They also have a rusty smell.

The first step is to remove any visible stains. Check for rust-colored spots, which can indicate a bedbug infestation. If you find any rust-colored spots, clean them with a damp, white-cloth. You can also use a hydrogen peroxide solution to kill bed bugs. However, you should test the chemical on a patch before applying it to the stain.

Blood stains are caused by bed bugs, and they can appear on your sheet as well. These stains may be red or tan, but are most often brown. If you find any blood stains on your sheets, the problem may be more severe. In such cases, it’s important to contact your local pest control agency, which can help eradicate the infestation.

In some cases, bed bugs leave behind their feces, and other dead insects. While they don’t typically leave blood stains on your bedding, you may have accidentally squashed one of them and gotten its saliva on your bedding. Blood stains can also be caused by a person’s allergic reaction to the bug bites, which can cause intense scratching.

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