Organic Pest Control Methods in Phoenix

Organic pest control is an excellent alternative to chemical sprays and insecticides. It uses green natural pest control methods to rid your home or business of the most common household pests. Arizona Organic Pest and Termite Control is located in Phoenix and is capable of eliminating most pests through its effective methods. Here are some of the most common organic pest control methods used in the state:

Diatomaceous earth

When you’re looking for a natural organic pest control method, try Diatomaceous Earth. This versatile substance is a natural insecticide that’s used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese people used diatomaceous earth to protect their foods from moisture, mold, and pests. Though it wasn’t recognized as an insecticide until 1958 in Phoenix, Arizona, animals have been using diatomaceous earth dust for millions of years.

Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent natural organic pest control alternative because it is completely safe for human and pet owners. Diatomaceous earth is safe for use indoors and outdoors and is even safe for use on food. It works by scratching insects’ outer shells and dehydrating them. You can apply it directly to insects to eliminate the infestation. Keep in mind that Diatomaceous Earth can dry the skin and should not be applied to the eyes or other sensitive areas.


Commercial neem oil sprays may contain less of the active ingredient, azadirachtin, than the pure oil. These products may also contain additional compounds that are ineffective against pests. In addition, store-bought neem oil sprays may not be available in your area. However, homemade neem oil sprays are an excellent choice for organic pest control in Phoenix.

Another use of neem oil is in fruit trees. Apple trees are often plagued by worms, including meal worms and coddling moths. These worms will enter the apples, making them unfit for consumption. Spraying fruit trees and other plants with neem early in the growing season is the best way to protect against the worms. Moreover, spraying the plants will prevent aphids from laying eggs in the leaves and destroying them.

Neem oil is effective against many insect pests. This natural insecticide works well on a range of invaders, including weeds and crepe myrtle bark scales. This solution is completely harmless to children, pets, and the environment. It also does not harm pollinating insects such as bees. In addition to being effective, neem oil is a cheap, environmentally friendly organic pest control option for Phoenix.

Neem oil

Neem oil is a powerful natural insecticide. Its active compound, azadirachtin, interferes with the insect’s normal life cycle, inhibiting its feeding, growth and reproduction. In addition to its effectiveness against insects, neem oil is harmless to beneficial insects, including bees and honey bees. It also doesn’t affect beneficial insects, such as spiders and ticks.

The main neem oil component is azadirachtin, a compound found in neem trees. In rat studies, rats fed neem oil had their pregnancies terminated. In humans, however, this oil does cause severe toxicity, resulting in vomiting, convulsions and toxic encephalopathy. Additionally, neem oil can damage the liver and impair fertility in pregnant women and children. Therefore, it is best to avoid using neem oil products on plants and crops that can be accessed by humans.

While neem oil can be applied to plants with a spray bottle, it is best to use pure neem oil. Store-bought products are likely to contain less azadirachtin than pure neem oil. Additionally, they might contain additional compounds, making them less effective than pure neem oil. Nevertheless, neem oil is an excellent natural organic pest control solution for many types of plants, including fruit trees.


The concept of organic pest control is not new, but few commercial agriculture companies have implemented it. This method involves the use of microbiological processes to control pests. The Environmental Protection Agency refers to introduced microbial agents as “microbial pesticides.”

Biocontrol uses specific organisms to target pests. Ladybugs, for example, eat aphids, but are completely chemical-free. They are also environmentally friendly. This type of organic pest control method can be an excellent option if your home or business is in need of a pest control solution. The main advantages of biocontrol pest control over conventional pesticides include:

Biological control reduces the need for harsh chemicals and increases the effectiveness of biological controls. The use of parasites and plant pathogens can help control the populations of many pests, including Colorado potato beetle larvae. It also contains bacteria that naturally infect pests. Many growers are utilizing biological control methods to minimize pest damage while maintaining sustainability. The method is also very effective in the fight against pests that are resistant to many chemical products.

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