What Do Bed Bug Stains Look Like?

Bed bug stains are often small, reddish blotches or streaks. They appear when the bugs are feeding. These stains usually appear near the foot of the bed or on the pillow case. The space between a pillow and its case is an ideal hiding place for the insects.

Bed bug feces is brown or rusty red in color and can bleed into bed sheets. The stains can be small, splotchy or dot-shaped and can have a characteristic rusty smell. The stains can be removed by washing the affected area with a damp cloth.

In addition to stains, bed bugs also release an alarm pheromone to signal their presence. This odor can be described as a sweet, musty or rusty smell, but the smell will differ depending on where the bugs are living. The scent will be stronger in areas where they have clustered together.

Unlike other insects, bed bugs also produce fecal stains that appear on solid surfaces. These stains may be red or brown, but the majority of stains will be brown. They may appear on mattresses, floorboards, and behind headboards. You can spot these stains with a flashlight.

If you notice these stains, it is highly likely that you have a bed bug infestation. The fecal material of these insects is similar to dirt, and is often mistaken for it. In addition, bed bug fecal material is usually the same shape and color as fresh blood.

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