How Did Bed Bugs Get in My Apartment?

Bed bugs often get into your apartment through luggage from a nearby hotel. In addition, they can come into your apartment through recycled or used furniture. They can also travel along the pipes and electrical outlets in your building. To prevent bedbug infestations, it’s important to follow your landlord’s guidelines for bedbug prevention. You should also inspect all areas of your apartment and report any signs of infestation.

You should regularly check your walls, upholstered furniture, and mattresses. This is important because bedbugs can live for a year without food, so frequent inspections are crucial. If you notice signs of infestation, call an exterminator and get a free quote. If you’re living in a multi-unit building, you should inspect all furnishings, including secondhand furniture and upholstered pieces.

If your apartment has an infestation of bedbugs, contact your landlord and ask him or her to notify other tenants. If you’re not comfortable with your landlord making a public notice of the infestation, you can request that they leave out your identifying information from the notice. Also, make sure to explain to the other tenants that cleanliness is not a factor when it comes to bedbugs.

Once you’ve identified bedbugs, you can try to eliminate them using various methods. One effective method is to use a hot blow dryer on a low setting. Other methods include removing the covers on your furniture or scraping off the stuffing of the furniture. Before using a treatment method, you should check all the interior seams and frames of your furniture. You can also check the insides of your walls with crevice tools. Also, check any peeling wallpaper for signs of bedbugs. Similarly, check all electrical outlets and switches.

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