North Mississippi Pest Control

Located in Southaven, Mississippi, North Mississippi Pest Control offers both residential and commercial pest control services. It specializes in termite treatment and pre-construction treatments, wood destroying insect reports, and real estate inspections. In addition, the company offers preventive maintenance plans and pest prevention programs for business owners. To learn more, read the company profile below. Welborn, Paul

Industry: Services to Buildings and Dwellings

If you’re looking for professional North Mississippi pest control services, look no further than James Pest Management, Inc. This family-owned business has been in the Memphis area since 1971 and specializes in the removal of a wide variety of pests. These services include bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and termites. James is certified to provide both residential and commercial pest control services, and they offer termite detection reports.

Not only do they cause damage to your home, but they also carry dangerous diseases. Keeping your home and workspace pest-free is the best way to create a professional, trustworthy image in the eyes of your customers. Pest control experts at Romex will identify the source of the problem and seal all entry points so that future infestations won’t occur. Bed bugs are especially problematic in Mississippi, and Romex is equipped to eradicate them effectively.

National Termite and Pest Control is another option. They’ve been serving the Memphis area for nearly four decades. Their pest control services include termite control, inspection reports for real estate agents, and perimeter pest control to keep unwanted pests away. The company even has an online pest library for residents to consult. These services are available in all areas of North Mississippi. So, if you’re looking for reliable North Mississippi pest control services, consider Allied Termite and Pest Control.

Revenues: $527,134

If you’re looking for a pest control company, you should make sure to do your homework. Mississippi’s Department of Agriculture requires pest control companies to be licensed, bonded, and insured. You can also check the Better Business Bureau for complaints or professional associations to learn more about the company. Most people will ask around for recommendations and save money by buying do-it-yourself products instead of hiring a professional.

Owner: Paul Welborn

The company, which was founded in 2002, focuses on meeting the needs of its customers. It offers complete pest control services for homes and businesses, including termite control. They offer a variety of treatments for common pest problems in both the home and lawn. They serve North Mississippi and the Memphis metro area. You can contact them for a free estimate. You can also call the company to learn more about the services offered.

One of the things that makes Paul Welborn a standout among other pest control owners is his hands-on management style. He is present and invests in the future of his technicians, which ensures they stay loyal and satisfied with their jobs. Moreover, a locally owned pest control company is more personal. Paul Welborn is an owner and runs the company out of his home. You can feel the difference in his hands-on management style.

The company performs both commercial and residential pest control. Its sales are approximately $1.8 million. The company has a healthy gross margin of over 50%, but it is saddled with high overhead costs. Paul Welborn has invested in his team and in overhead salaries. As the owner of North Mississippi pest control, he sees a big opportunity to expand the business and expand into the commercial sector.

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