How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

The first step in identifying whether you have bedbugs is to identify their location. This may be difficult because bedbugs are flat insects, which makes it hard to spot them. They often hide in the joints of furniture or wall cracks. A messy room also gives them more hiding places, which makes it harder to find them. Despite being a nuisance to humans, bedbugs are not dangerous and do not transmit disease.

The best way to detect bedbugs is to inspect the mattress, box springs, or other furniture. You will need a flashlight to shine through the fabric and look for stains. You will also need to search for any excreta left by the bedbugs. These can be rust-colored smears, small dark spots, or little white dots. Lastly, if you find a bedbug’s excrement, you can look for its shed skin. This is not a sign of infestation, but it can indicate where the bugs are eating and living.

If you notice bedbugs in your home, contact an exterminator. Rentokil encourages property owners to contact them if they find any signs of infestation.

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