How Are Bed Bugs Caused?

The bites of bedbugs are usually painless, but some people experience itching. The bites may occur in clusters or line-like patterns. People of all ages can be affected. Symptoms usually disappear within a week. However, if you continue scratching the bites, you may develop an infection. Doctors will usually prescribe corticosteroid creams or antihistamines that you take by mouth for the bites.

The bites of bedbugs are red and slightly darker in the center. They are most noticeable while sleeping. The bites can also leave small blood stains on your bed sheets and other textiles. In addition, bedbugs can leave small, dark spots of fecal matter on your clothing or bed. These bites can also be difficult to spot if you don’t have any other visible signs.

Bedbugs were almost eradicated by the use of the pesticide DDT in the 1950s. However, it was banned in 1972 after studies showed that the chemical was dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. However, bed bugs are incredibly hardy and were able to survive despite the chemical. They can lay up to three or five eggs per day and hundreds over their lifetime. Due to this, they’ve become resistant to other pesticides and are making a comeback in the U.S.

Adult female bed bugs lay eggs in secluded places. The eggs usually take a day or two to hatch and can contain up to 100 eggs during their lifetime. Adult bedbugs can live for several months without eating, depending on their host.

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