Can Bed Bugs Be Transported on Clothes?

If you are traveling and suspect that you might have bed bugs, you might wonder if you can carry them on your clothes. While you may be able to put your clothes in a plastic bag, it will not protect you from the bugs. You must also be aware that bed bugs will hide in the folds, seams, and other openings on your clothing. This makes it easy for them to travel miles.

In order to prevent the spread of bed bugs on clothes, it is important to wash them as soon as you can. You should use heat-treated clothes if possible. It is also a good idea to dry your clothes in the bathroom. If you can, wear light-colored clothes, especially white ones, to help you see the bugs better. When putting your clothes in a plastic bag, make sure to shake them a bit to loosen them.

Bed bugs are oval, crawling insects that feed on humans and animals. They do not jump or fly, but they are very fast. You may feel their bites on your legs, back, neck, and hands. If you have a bed bug infestation, it is important to hire a professional pest management professional to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Despite what you may believe, bed bugs can be transported on clothes even if they have been cleaned or washed. You must inspect your clothing thoroughly to detect any infestations. In addition, you should look for any sticky white eggs and shed skins. If you find these signs, inform the store manager about the problem. You should also check behind dressing room mirrors and around wall sockets.

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