How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs on Your Own

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to use bed bug killer. It works by impregnating surfaces such as mattress liners with Permethrin. You should also wash your bedding and clothing. In addition, avoid buying used furniture and bringing discarded items into your home.

First, you should wash any bed bug infested items in hot water. The temperature should be over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. After you have washed the items, you should store them in another room. To make sure your bedding is clean, you should also wash it in hot water and dry it on a high heat. However, you may find that the infestation is so extensive that it is not possible to clean it on your own. If the infestation is serious enough, you should seek professional help to clean the home.

When dealing with bed bugs, it is important to be methodical. Move furniture out of the room that is infested. Be sure to pay attention to hidden places where the insects can hide. Moreover, keep track of the progress of the treatment. Replace the bedding or bed is not an inexpensive solution. The money you would spend on this will be better spent on hiring an exterminator.

In addition to changing the sheets, you should also check the legs and upper piping of your furniture. These are common hiding places for bed bugs.

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